Open Intelligence employs the natural human faculties of ordering and classification. Our systems of classification (taxonomies) and tagging are called Schemas, the organisation of which is aimed to be as intuitive as possible.

Subjects are categories of actors. Issues are types of action. Open Intelligence’s Meta-tags are faceted into evaluation and judgement terms, and terms characterising perspectives and points of view.  The successful application of the Schemas to content items yields basic sentence-like statements indicating significance of the article.

Here is a very simple example:
Subject – Economy: Companies; Issues – losses; Evaluation: increase; Perspective: reported

Up to four words can be applied in each facet enriching the meaning of the statements.

Further enrichment is provided by Free-tags which are completely user defined and applied.


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  1. […] Open Intelligence, a knowledge-sharing site set up by ISKO UK member Jan Wyllie, is pioneering a faceted tag system which may just provide some clues to where KO might be going in the Web 2.0 […]

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