Twitter is changing collaborative consciousness

Trend – A new level of human consciousness is being opened up as Twitter brings real time “self-signifying” knowledge communities into the mainstream.

‘Self signifying’ means that trends in what a group thinks can be monitored directly without first having to interpret the content. ‘Real time’ means intelligence statistics are updated without intervention, as soon as people contribute.

‘Self-signifying’ knowledge systems have existed since the early 1960s in the form of Science Citation Index, pioneered by Eugene Garfied at the Institute for Scientific Information. More recently, companies such as Cognitive Edge have been leading the way.

Since Twitter became a Web sensation a few months ago, the self signifying trend has been accelerating. On April 30, The New Scientists reports:

“Real-time web search – which scours only the latest updates to services like Twitter – is currently generating quite a buzz because it can provide a glimpse of what people around the world are thinking or doing at any given moment.”

Now only days later, new Web and Twitter monitoring services are being launched almost by the hour using APIs to collect statistical intelligence on usage and analyse the resulting data into simple graphical representations.

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  1. Exciting times.

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