Variants of Singularity Proponents

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If the Singularity proponents are right, the world is going to get really weird—but not in the way they expect.
At the broadest end, the Singularity refers to a point in the future where technologically driven changes have hit so hard and so fast that people on the near side of the Singularity wouldn’t be able to understand the lives of people living on the far side of one; the lives of the post-Singularity citizens simply wouldn’t make sense to pre-Singularity folks.
In its narrowest form,
the creation of greater-than-human intelligence, which is then able to make itself even smarter, and so on in something that is occasionally called an “intelligence explosion”; whether or not the lives of post-Singularity citizens would make sense is an irrelevant question—the ultra-intelligent entities would be so much smarter and more powerful that human beings are little more than ants in comparison.
Somewhere in the middle are those who
tend to see the Singularity as
ultra-tech fun