A new level of conceptual organisation

With the exception of James Lovelock who insists on durable paper as the only safe medium, 1990s sources agree that it will be multimedia computer networks and indexing systems which will form H. G. Wells “omnipresent organ.” According to Hans Swegen, “the self-reflexive mind and the global mind are both self-organised information processes in the mind dimension”. He sees human beings  as introducing a new “autopoietic” [self-organising] level of the “dissipative [input-output type] process of the self-reflexive mind.” He says it is the self-organising information process that has created the brain and its development, not the contrary.” Using processes such as computer conferencing, it is possible to construct self-conscious discussion threads in which different minds work on the same problem using a common intellectual framework. The process of sharing a framework of thought requires individuals to cede a small part of their ego sovereignty in order to participate more effectively in self-reflexive group collaboration.


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