Starting up again

These pages are the first stage in trying to constitute a sustainable manifestation of an organised global thinking apparatus (also using the World Wide Web), as originally envisaged by H. G.   Wells in the 1930s. We are here trying to create a world intelligence gathering, analysis, synthesis and dissemination process, as an enfolded example of itself. As such, it is neither academic, nor commercial. It aims to create a marketplace dedicated to the exchange of knowledge for the purpose of learning and an economy based solely on the value of knowledge.  It seems reasonable that this first step is focused on the conception of the World Brain, itself — evoking its “self consciousness.” The intention is to invite participants in these pages to respond to the syntheses of the points made by Wells on the subject. Your opinion will be conjoined with the views of leading thinkers and visionaries, so you individually can think recursively about what you thought collectively, then feed your reflection back into the collective view … ad infinitum. The idea is not just to gather knowledge, but to see if the process works.


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