Still DIY research initiatives.

H. G. Wells reports having spent “a few score thousand hours” writing his own prototype version of a World Encyclopedia. Despite admitting to “profound and conspicuous faults and weaknesses,” Wells insists that “somebody had to try out such summaries on the general mind” and challenges his critics, “Damn you, do it better.” (Wells’ italics). He also bows to the “very considerable amount of such harvesting and storage” already accomplished by librarians and scientists. In his Critical Introduction, Alan Mayne cites three current examples of World Brain type projects: 1) The Intelligent World Encyclopedia Project (CYC) using expert systems which aims “to link its knowledge base into an evolving global model of the real world”  2) the Senior Scholars State-of-the-Art Statement System described as “a method of scholarly collaboration to integrate all knowledge and place it online”; and 3) Professor Abe Goodman “computerized self-instructional mediagraphic system” using “hypermedia and hypertext features”. Projects cited, based around existing


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