c) Products

Our current intelligence products are being offered free across two sites. This site will publish higher-level syntheses and meta-commentary on the key-quote clips being collected on our other site (www.openintelligence.amplify.com). Over the next few weeks, summaries of what the team have collected will be posted on each of the Categories listed on the left hand enabling the process of meta-commentary begin.

We will soon be launching a beta version of our own Open Intelligence collaborative content analysis software which will also show real time graphs of statistical trends in the nature of what our social networks are highlighting.

All our products aim to provide the following values:

  • More insight: more information creates more knowledge, rather than info-glut
  • Multi-faceted views: many coherent views, monitoring patterns, stats., seeing trends
  • Intelligent data capture: using Web-enabled social networks
  • Unprecedented breadth of vision: from wide, high level prespective to detail in a couple of clicks
  • Pooling: key information is gathered together in one place
  • Up-to-date objective analysis: with focused opinion
  • Latest trends: monitor changes over time
  • Consistent historical record: for future reference
  • A place for communities to gather: share perspectives, increase clarity, highlight misunderstandings and differences
  • Enhances community intelligence: More people focusing on the same topic
  • Free and open: for all people, not just for elites
  • From passive readers to participative actors: clippers, debators, comentators, moderators, editors, analysts

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