a) Purpose

The word ‘open’ is used in three senses: 1) of ‘open to all’, 2) of an ‘open mind’, and 3) providing a clear, wide ‘open view’.

The word ‘intelligence’ is used in two senses: 1) the innate human capacities to conceptualise and think; 2) vital knowledge which otherwise would be missed.

Our goal is provide tools for people to practice open intelligence in all these sense. We use Open Source Software, Web 2.0 services and content analysis to focus and concentrate the intelligence of individuals and groups, enabling them to work more effectively with both deeper and broader knowledge of the full range of topics pertinent to their interests and needs.

Open Intelligence is an enterprise set up to provide the Web 2.0 population of  knowledge seekers, social networkers, bloggers and wiki-writers a set of simple to use tools which they can use to produce for themselves a higher meta-level of common knowledge and collaborative intelligence.

Challenging times urgently require people to understand a lot more about the accelerating change around them.

Open Intelligence responds to this ever growing need for people to gather together and systematically pool their knowledge, in order to makes sense of and exploit, rather than drown in, torrent of information available on the Web. Common classification and open tagging are used to prevent knowledge dissipating into an unlimited, unstructured, shot-in-the-dark Google-sphere, the source the great forgetting which afflicts 21st Century globalised culture.


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