b) Process

Open Intelligence uses faceted taxonomies to enable collaborators to “self-signify” what they see is important using the classical content analysis methodology .

Content analysis is a discipline designed to enable groups from academics to spies to extract intelligence from large quantities of data. An essential element of the methodology is that it systematically divides intelligence gathering, analysis and synthesis into sets of simple, independent applications of native human intelligence. This breakdown of tasks minimises the role of personal bias, as well as making each individual act of intelligence quick and straight forward, so that it can be applied by non-specialists.

The Open Intelligence project is applying a faceted taxonomy to its collection of need-to-know clips, not primarily as a way of finding clips later, but as a way discovering what statistics, deriving from the application of the metadata by groups of people, signify. Inferences can be drawn from this data which would be impossible to discover by trying to interpret the content.

The process yields signs of changes, discontinuities and emerging trends long before they become conventional wisdom. Indicators  are aggregated and counted using multi-faceted questioning and expressed as charts and graphs which point at the significance of what is being said, providing another axis for reflective self-awareness.


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